Best Cat Food Brands

Best Cat Food Brands

This article relates to the best cat food brands that are mass produced and available at a known pet store. Why do I consider these the best cat food brands? A quick look at the healthy cat food brands page will tell you the story.

These brands use good quality ingredients that a cat can actually benefit from. True meat is used as the main protein source. This means no by-products or chicken meal as the main protein getter. In dry foods, a lot of the lesser brands use plant based sources as the main protein getter. We know that wet food is much better than dry food, but a high quality dry food will have meat as the main protein source regardless.

The best cat food brands will have minimal filler in the food. This means no ingredients such as rice, rice flour, wheat gluten, powdered cellulose, or anything else that sounds like a grain or powdery. In this case, less is more if the less is high quality ingredients.

Another aspect to consider is what do other pet owners think about these brands? What is the reputation? First and foremost, you have to rely on yourself and your knowledge of cat food. However, it is okay to know what others are thinking. In fact, people like to review products before purchasing, and it’s really no different when it comes to cat food.

Taking these aspects into consideration, these are some of the best cat food brands out there today (it is in alphabetical order):

Avoderm –

Blue Buffalo – http://bluebuffalo.combestcatfoodbrands

Evo –

Evolve –

Halo –

Innova –

Merrick –

Natural Balance –

Nature’s Logic –

Nature’s Variety –

Newman’s Own –

Orijen –

Taste of the Wild –

Wellness –

Weruva –

There may be brands out there that this article is missing that are top notch. These are brands that I have checked the ingredients used, looked up reputation, and they look acceptable. Of course, I’ll try but I can’t catch ‘em all 🙂

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