Best Cat Food for Overweight Cats

The best cat food for overweight cats is a cat food that provides a good quality protein source. This can be achieved from real meat. You need canned cat food. That is first and foremost. Dry cat food, even the top quality stuff, will not aid in reducing your cats weight. This is because even with top notch ingredients, there are still grains present. Grains = carbs. Carbs = fat.

How to control an overweight cat is by feeding a good quality brand name. Don’t fatcatbe tricked by ‘vet prescription diets.’ This stuff is expensive and, if you really look at the ingredients, not very good.

Feeding a good quality cat food is a great step to help you control your cat’s weight. If you feed your cat a lot of dry food, switching over to canned food might be the solution to the problem.

If you find that you do feed your cat canned food, and your cat is still having weight issues, than a little more work is needed. Try controlling the portions your cat eats. Perhaps instead of feeding a whole can in the morning, and a whole one at night, spread one can out for the entire day and see how the cat adjusts. It is all about adjusting and tinkering with the quantity until your cat is satisfied.

Here are some brands that I have found to have very good quality ingredients, with very minimal (even no) grains.

Blue Buffalo
By Nature
Nature’s Variety


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