Best Wet Cat Food

Best Wet Cat Food

Here are some of the best wet cat food based on the ingredients used.

These are the 4.5 to 5 ‘paw’ rated cat foods.

For a more complete list, visit the Top Rated Cat Food page for the 4 to 5 ‘paw’ rated wet cat foods.

Just click on the brand and name of the food for the ingredients list, a list of the questionable ingredients used, as well as a rating for each food.

Hound & Gatos – Rabbit


Meat dominates this formula – no vegetables present Sodium Selenite is present
No thickening agents like guar gum, cassia gums, xanthan gum, carrageenan, etc While better than carrageenan, agar-agar can be controversial depending on who you are asking
Questionable ingredients kept to an absolute minimum Can get expensive
Balanced nutrition

Merrick – Limited Ingredient Diet

For this post, the Chicken recipe is being used. The Limited Ingredient Diet also comes in Duck, Salmon, and Turkey.

Food is free from grains, vegetables, and other filler ingredients A vegetable protein source is present. Protein from peas is essentially useless for cats.
Meat based protein outweighs plant based protein Guar Gum, while not harmful, can cause upset stomach
Minimal carbohydrate sources present Sodium Selenite
Balanced nutrition Cost concerns

Tiki Cat – Gourmet Carnivore

For this example, the Beef & Liver flavor is used. All Gourmet Carnivore flavors are excellent. Just remember fish based canned food should not be fed on a consistent basis.

Beef (meat) is the main protein source in the food. Cholecalciferol – shouldn’t be an issue at all however important to be aware of
Beef/beef broth accounts for majority of the formula Tiki Cat is expensive
All other vitamins/minerals kept to less than 1% of the formula Can be hard to find at local pet stores
Olive oil 4% of formula  A lot of their food is fish based

Weruva – Nine Liver

Weruva’s Truluxe On The Cat Wok and Truluxe Peking Ducken can be on here instead.

Quality meat source is first on the list Carb substitute – higher %
Filler ingredients are kept to minimum Thickening agent present
One of the very, very, very few commercial cat foods that doesn’t contain Sodium Selenite Copper Sulfate

Nature’s Variety Instinct Limited Ingredient

For this example, the Duck flavor is used. Lamb, Rabbit, and Turkey can also apply here.

Protein comes from one main source Peas are present, near the top of the ingredients list. Cheap carb substitute
Free of thickening agents such as guar gum, carrageenan, agar-agar, xanthan gum, etc Montmorillonite Clay can be considered controversial
Unnecessary ingredients are kept to a minimum Sodium Selenite

Ziwipeak Beef

ziwipeak-bestcannedcatfoodZiwipeak Venison is good enough for this list too.

Meat protein sources are the main ingredients in the formula Agar-agar can be considered a controversial ingredient even if it is a better alternative to carrageenan
A solid, well-balanced diet Seafood is present
Free from thickening agents Sodium Selenite


Honorable Mentions:

Blue Buffalo Wilderness Wild Cuts Tasty Toppers Tasty Beef Morsels. Tasty Chicken Morsels. Tasty Duck Morsels.

Fromm Four Star flavors. Chicken, Duck, & Salmon Pâté. Chicken & Salmon Pâté. Duck & Chicken Pâté. Salmon & Tuna Pâté

Organix Grain Free Organic Chicken. Organic Chicken & Chicken Liver. Organic Turkey.

The Honest Kitchen

Wellness Signature Selects Chunky Beef & White Meat Chicken Entrée in Sauce. Chunky Turkey & White Meat Chicken Entrée in Sauce.

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  1. Help? am st a loss…. fostered needs advice here in proper kitten wet food… using Merrick kitten but diarrheal squirts are evident

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