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Canned Food


Tuna & Bonito Be Mine Recipe 3pawprint
Tuna & Chicken 4EVA Recipe 3.5pawprint
Tuna & Chicken Chuckles Recipe 3pawprint
Tuna & Pumpkin Valentine Recipe 3.5pawprint
Tuna & Salmon Soulmates Recipe 3pawprint
Tuna & Shrimp Sweethearts Recipe 3.5pawprint
Tuna & Tilapia Twosome Recipe 3pawprint
Tuna Too Cool Recipe 3pawprint

Oh My Gravy Canned Food


Beef & Salmon Best Day Eva Dinner 3.5pawprint
Chicken & Lamb Selfie Cam! Dinner 3.5pawprint
Chicken & Pumpkin Love Munchkin! Dinner 3.5pawprint
Chicken & Salmon Crazy 4 U! Dinner 3.5pawprint
Chicken & Turkey QT Patootie! Dinner 3.5pawprint
Duck & Tuna Lots-O-Luck! Dinner 3.5pawprint



Tuna & Beef Baby Cakes Recipe (in Gravy) 3pawprint
Tuna & Chicken Charm Me Recipe (in Gravy) 3pawprint
Tuna & Duck Devour Me Recipe (in Gravy) 3pawprint
Tuna & Lamb Luv Ya Recipe (in Gravy) 3pawprint
Tuna & Salmon Sweet Cheeks Recipe (in Gravy) 3pawprint
Tuna & Turkey Tickles Recipe (in Gravy) 3pawprint

Oh My Gravy Pouches


Beef & Chicken Booya! Dinner 3.5pawprint
Chicken & Shrimp Ciao Baby! Dinner 3.5pawprint
Chicken & Tuna Seeya Sooner! Dinner 3.5pawprint
Chicken, Turkey & Salmon Purr-Fect Plannin’! Dinner 3.5pawprint
Duck & Salmon Date Night! Dinner 3.5pawprint
Lamb & Tuna Shazaam! Dinner 3.5pawprint


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