Canidae Cat Food Reviews and Ratings


Grain Free PURE Wet Food


PURE Adore: Catch Me if you Can 3.5pawprint
PURE Adore: Decadent Delight 3.5pawprint
PURE Adore: Enchanted Evening 3.5pawprint
PURE Adore: Falling For You 3.5pawprint
PURE Adore: Love at First Sight 3.5pawprint
PURE Adore: Sea of Love 3.5pawprint
PURE Limited Ingredient: Chicken Pate 3.5pawprint
PURE Limited Ingredient: Chicken Slices in Broth 3.5pawprint
PURE Limited Ingredient: Cod 3.5pawprint
PURE Limited Ingredient: Duck Pate 4pawprint
PURE Limited Ingredient: Duck Morsels in Broth 3.5pawprint
PURE Limited Ingredient: Salmon 3.5pawprint
PURE Limited Ingredient: Trout 3.5pawprint
PURE Limited Ingredient: Tuna 3.5pawprint
PURE Limited Ingredient: Turkey 3.5pawprint
PURE Wild: Chaparral Canyon 3.5pawprint
PURE Wild: Frontier Trail 4pawprint
PURE Wild: Redwood Summit 4pawprint
PURE Wild: Rocky Creek 3.5pawprint
PURE Wild: Rushing River 4pawprint
PURE Wild: Wildwood Fields 4pawprint

Under The Sun Wet Food


Witty Kitty – A Fish Story 3.5pawprint
Witty Kitty – Birds of a Feather 3.5pawprint
Witty Kitty – Duck & Cover 3.5pawprint
Witty Kitty – Hooked on You 3.5pawprint
Witty Kitty – Rockin’ & Reelin’ 2.5pawprint
Witty Kitty – Ruffle My Feathers 3.5pawprint
Witty Kitty – The Big Catch 3.5pawprint
Witty Kitty – Wingin’ It 4pawprint
Witty Kitty – Wish Upon a Fish 3.5pawprint

All Life Stages Dry Food


Chicken Meal and Rice Formula 3.5pawprint
Chicken, Lamb & Fish Formula 3pawprint
Turkey, Lamb & Fish Formula (Indoor Cat) 3pawprint

Grain Free PURE Dry Food


Control 4pawprint
Elements 4pawprint
Foundations 4pawprint
Meadow 4pawprint
Ocean 3.5pawprint
Sea 3.5pawprint
Stream 3.5pawprint

Under The Sun Dry Food


Grain Free Adult with Salmon 3pawprint
Grain Free Adult with Turkey 3pawprint
Grain Free Kitten with Chicken 3pawprint
Grain Free Kitten, Adult, Senior with Chicken 3pawprint


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