Cat Food Advisor

Cat Food Advisor

If you look hard enough, you’ll find a slew of cat food advisor sites out there. Some are excellent, others not so much. Many just provide a quick review then a link to a site where you can purchase the food, hoping to make a quick dollar off of you.

Best Cat Food for Cats can be considered a cat food advisor site. There are reviews and ratings of all popular commercial cat food brands, advice, information, suggestions from time to time, and other resources located here.

Are you looking for the best cat food on the market?cat food advisor - top rated

If this is your main goal, to find the best cat food available in stores, I’ll make it quite simple for you.

This website has gone through over 800 commercial cat foods, and the top rated cat food page has the best of the best listed. It is a narrowed down list eliminating the commercial cat foods that are loaded with potentially harmful ingredients and cheap filler ingredients.

If you are looking for a list of the best commercial cat foods, then this page is where you start and end.

Are you looking at a particular brand?

Another common way cat owners shop for their cat food is by hearing of a brand. Perhaps a friend or a commercial informed you of how great a brand is. The next logical step is to do your research on that brand to see for yourself if it is worthy of your cat.

This site will never tell you what brand your cat should be eating, only offering up mere suggestions based on the ingredients used mostly.

The cat food reviews page lists reviews of the most popular commercial cat food brands. It is a cat food advisor of sorts in the sense that there is a rating system in place. Cat foods loaded with harmful and unnecessary ingredients receive a low rating. Foods with higher quality ingredients and less filler receive a higher rating.

Ultimately it is up to you, the cat owner, to decide what brand would be the most suitable for your cat.

Helpful pages:

If you are not quite at the stage of choosing a brand for your cat, you are mostly at the research and learning stage, here are just a couple of pages to help you get a better understanding of what cats generally eat as well as ingredients found in commercial cat foods:

Nutrients for your Catcatfoodlabeling

It is very important to understand the 6 main nutrients your cat NEEDS from food.

For many, it is surprising to hear that carbohydrates are indeed needed in cat food. Cats need between 1-10% of the food to be carbohydrates, so in other words not a high amount. The problem with carbohydrates, especially in dry cat food, is that these percentages can be as high as 50%.

This is just one example of how understanding exactly what a cat needs in its diet will impact the health of your furry little friend later on in life.

Deciphering Cat Food Labels

Understanding how pet food companies can trick consumers into thinking the food is one thing when it is not can be helpful to you in the long run.

For example, a cat food labeled “Cat Food with Beef” doesn’t even have to contain much beef in the formula. Beef has to account for 3% of the actual food. This means the food can be loaded with corn, or rice, or flour. Yet, a regular consumer sees the cat food label as “with Beef” and automatically assumes the cat food is mostly beef.


Looking at the ingredients list, as well as having a good understanding of these labeling requirements, will help you have a great understanding of the quality of cat food you are dealing with.

A to Z Glossary

Ever wonder what that really long scientific-sounding word near the bottom of the ingredients list actually is? Chances are you’ll find a quick definition here, enough to give you an understanding of whether it is a good ingredient or not. If you cannot find the ingredient you are looking for on this page, send me a quick reply below and I can certainly add it.

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  1. What’s a good food for cats with kidney problems?? Low on phosphorous and protein the dr said… any ideas group???

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