Cat trees that look like trees

A little off topic from the norm around here but cat trees that look like trees are an up-and-coming item that is really unique and interesting. Something I’d like to write about because I’m intrigued.

I think we are all familiar with the typical cat tree. It looks something like this:

Lucy Cat Tree
                        Or this:

ThreeTier 323 Cat Tree
                       Or even this:

Tiered Cat Tree

Cat trees, or cat furniture in general, are a staple among cat owners everywhere. Here is a picture of what my cats’ furniture looks like (pretty much like the pictures above):


They are a staple because cats love to scratch and the furniture allows them to do just that. We don’t have to worry about our little ones scratching the furniture and damaging it. They also love to climb and get to the highest point possible. As you can see from my picture, my cats furniture has been used well.

So what’s the big deal with cat trees that look like trees?

Well, just look at what it looks like:

Sprout Lifelike Cat Treecatreesort

This is awesome! It looks so unique and allows you to have cat furniture in the house without it actually looking like cat furniture. As you can see in my picture above, the furniture looks so out of place and bulky where it is. Of course, it is going to stay there for the time being because my cats love it.

Now you replace that with the cat trees posted above, and it really adds character to the place and doesn’t look at all like cat furniture. It looks so natural. My cats remain happy because they have their furniture, and I am happy as well because my cat furniture blends in so well with the decor.

Also, cats are outdoor creatures by nature. Having a cat tree that actually has leaves on it and looks like an actual tree is something they would love.

Some cat trees available have real bark and leaves. Some have fake leaves. This is all based on preference. In addition to preference, we always have to consider the cost. Cat trees made with real bark and leaves are of course going to be more expensive than ones with fake leaves. Cat trees that look like trees are going to be more expensive in general compared to regular looking cat trees. That is pretty much the biggest drawback.

If you are willing to look past that drawback, then this item is surely something to consider if you are looking for a different twist on the typical cat tree. This would blend in nicely with the decor of your house and many would not even notice that it is furniture for your cat. Not everyone wants cat furniture that looks like cat furniture as it may distract from the room and look out of place, and I can relate to that.

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