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Stewie Announcement

It is with a heavy heart that (myself, Jaime) announces the passing of one of the inspirations for this site. On July 31, 2017 Stewie said goodbye to this beautiful, and sometimes tragic, thing we call life. His passing was sudden and unexpected. Thankfully, no prolonging of any uncomfortable situation was involved. He was […]

1 year anniversary

I opened this site to inform fellow cat owners about the importance of good, nutritious cat food. All too many times when you are standing in line at the grocery store you see cat owners buying the local ‘store brand’ cat food because the price is unbeatable. Of course the price is unbeatable, the food […]

Pages Done

In terms of pages of information regarding food and nutrition, I think I have completed what I’ve set out to do. If I happen to find more information regarding anything, I’ll add them to pages. But I don’t think new pages will be added anytime soon. In the past 2 weeks Ive added the ‘Cat […]

Nutrients page added

So I have a plan in my head for additional pages to create. It will all come together and look awesome over time. For now, I’ve added a ‘nutrients’ page that gives valuable information on the ‘must haves’ for cats. I’ve added additional pages to the custom cat food section. They talk about each benefit […]

Focus over next few days

Next couple of days I will be focused more on adding pictures to pages and making them look a little more pretty. I will be adding additional pages to my ‘custom cat food’ page that will go into detail about the various benefits involved. I am pretty big on this custom cat food topic. I […]

Bear with me

This site is relatively new so there’s not a lot of information posted on here. As time goes on I hope this place will become a good source of information for cat owners like myself. Keep it bookmarked because this is just the beginning. My last blog post discusses how I wanted to look into […]

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