Low Carb, High Calorie Cat Food Example

Low Carb, High Calorie Cat Food:

Example of how a low carbohydrate diet can be high in calories

Dry food:Cat Food
Crude protein ……min. 33.00%
Crude fat ………….min. 28.00%
Crude fiber ………..max. 3.0%
Moisture……………max. 10.0%
Ash …………………max. 7.0%

100 – %protein – %fat – %moisture – %ash = carbohydrate
100 – 33 – 28 – 10 – 7 = only 22% carbohydrates

3.5 x 33 = 115.5
8.5 x 28 = 238
3.5 x 22 =77

430.5 x 10 = 4305 kcal/kg < Pretty high count

If you do not know where these numbers came from, look here: Calculating Calories in Cat Food

Sometimes, people automatically assume low carb = low calories. This isn’t always the case. It is important to calculate yourself and not rely on the ‘low carbohydrate’ label on the front.

What some companies do is replace the calories from carbohydrates with another source. So it’s still high in calories but low in carbs. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, just have to make sure where the calorie source is coming from. Also important to note what exactly are the ingredients.

In my example above, it’s coming from fat. If I have a non-active cat, this cat will gain weight. A lot of it.

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Updated: April 15, 2014 — 5:54 PM

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