Solid Gold Cat Food Reviews and Ratings


Wet Food


Blended Tuna Recipe in Gravy (New Moon) 3.5pawprint
Chicken & Liver Recipe in Gravy (Dawn’s Sky) 3pawprint
Chicken, Duck & Pumpkin Recipe in Gravy (Sunrise Delight) 3pawprint
Chicken, Turkey, Ocean Whitefish & Liver Recipe (July Morning) 2.5pawprint
Classic Paté Salmon & Beef Recipe (Wild Harvest) 3pawprint
Classic Paté in Gravy With Tuna & Sardine (Evening Tide) 3.5pawprint
Mackerel & Tuna Recipe in Gravy (Five Oceans) 3.5pawprint
Sardine & Tuna Recipe in Gravy (Five Oceans) 3.5pawprint
Sea Bream & Tuna Recipe in Gravy (Five Oceans) 3.5pawprint
Shrimp & Tuna Recipe in Gravy (Five Oceans) 3.5pawprint
Turkey, Giblets & Pumpkin Recipe in Gravy (Savory Feast) 3pawprint
ALL Holistic Delights 3pawprint
ALL Purrfect Pairings 3pawprint


Dry Food


Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe (Touch of Heaven) 2.5pawprint
Chicken, Peas & Potato Recipe With Cranberries (Nature’s Harmony) 3pawprint
Fresh Caught Alaskan Pollock (Fit as a Fiddle) 3pawprint
Lamb & Brown Rice Recipe With Pearled Barley (Katz-N-Flocken) 2.5pawprint
Turkey, Brown Rice & Cranberry Recipe (Furrever Young) 2.5pawprint
With Chicken & Egg (Indigo Moon) 3.5pawprint
With Quail & Pumpkin (Winged Tiger) 3pawprint
High Protein With Chicken 3.5pawprint
High Protein With Cold Water Salmon 3.5pawprint
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