Top Rated Cat Food

Top Rated Cat Food

These are the 4 to 5 ‘paw’ rated cat foods. These cat foods are the best of over 800 commercial cat foods. These cat foods still are flawed; they are not perfect. These cat foods are free from artificial ingredients and added coloring.

Wet Cat Food

Wet Cat Food Page

Dry Cat Food

Dry Cat Food Page

This page will remain up for comments as these other pages are closed for comments. If you have a question or comment about these ratings, please use this page.

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  1. This is an absolutely amazing site! Thank you so much for creating it! In your opinion, is there any real difference in canned food labeled for kittens and other highly rated canned foods?

  2. Hi. Will you be rating Pure Balance or Radford Cat Foods anytime soon?

    1. I can certainly review the Pure Balance. Do you have a link or information on the Radford cat food? I cant seem to find any info on it?

  3. How about Pure Balance(found only at Walmart) and Radford
    Brand(sold byPetPlus Foods)?

  4. Can someoone tell me what has worked best for a cat food for a cat with urinary problems (stones)? The prescription food she will not barely touch it. The canned or the dry. So I’m looking for a wet food and a dry to leave down. One cat has chicken allergies. But I’ve been feeding them separate wet food. The other one is on antibiotics for the Crystals, but no improvement yet. Anyone that has been through this please advise? They are 7 years old. Thanks

    1. Donna I have a inside cat that has problems from time to time. I have read not to give them any food with fish. She has been doing well on Purina pro plan urinary tract dry food. Then she gets fancy feast once a day 1/3 can classic tender beef pate. Hope this helps.

  5. Couple comments. I have been buying single cans of cat foods to sort out what is like and what is not while trying to watch for quality ingredients. First comment is how this is a dizzying process in part since it appears pet food formulas keep changing. For example, I noticed you had Merrick Bistro Rabbit as a good product while I have it in my pile of products to return. My can has Carrageenan in it while your info (and apparently the manufacture site) do not. I assume my can is an outdated recipe. Meanwhile their Bistro turkey has carrageenan on both my can and their site. Halo is another product I though I was interested in. The ingredients on my can and the Halo site are different from the ingredients you are using for analysis. I wonder if your rating will remain the same. You did bring to my attention though that sadly Halo Pate has the carrageenan in it unlike it’s lineup formerly known as “spots stew”.

  6. May I suggest taking a look at First Mate?

    1. Yes, that is one that is next in line for reviewing.

      On initial inspection of the food, it looks great. Top notch. Will make its way onto the Top Rated chart πŸ™‚

  7. Have you reviewed natures recipe foods? I use them for my dogs and was thinking about just getting the same brand/flavors for the cat (one of my dogs has very minor allergies to quite a few meats so she’s already on a salmon based grain free food) but I don’t know how good it is for cats.

    1. Hello, thanks for your comment.

      You know what? Silly me. Nature’s Recipe has been online for a while now, I knew I reviewed it but I didn’t put the link in the menu! Oh no!

      Thank you for unintentionally bringing this to my attention.

      The direct link is:


      1. Thank you so much!

  8. Petcurean go fit chicken turkey duck duck ??dry..gets 5 star on many lists and is considered a fine food if pricy.

  9. Could you please review the new petcurean gather?
    Organic ingredients. Thank you!!

    1. Nevermind! I found it!

  10. I trying to find reviews about the Rachel Ray Nutrish Zero Grain food.

    1. Thanks for your patience while I got Nutrish added.

      It can now be found here:


  11. Thanks for reviewing Holistic Select and Feline Natural. Sometime in the future can you please add in Wild Calling. It appears to be another top brand. Thanks again for all your work.

    1. Thanks for your patience as I get these reviews in order, almost done.

      Wild Calling will be next on the list, I’ll follow up with a link when it is up.

      Thanks again.

      1. Just a quick follow up, Wild Calling has now been added and is online.

        Thanks πŸ™‚

  12. Hello! My cat loves BFF “Tuna & Chicken Charm Me” and I see that your past BFF reviews are different than the current offers. Will you be updating this brand?

    Many thanks!

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment πŸ™‚

      Actually, the BFF “Tuna & Chicken Charm Me” is a pouched cat food, all cat foods on the BFF page up until this point were the cans only.

      I have since updated the Best Feline Friend cat food reviews page to include pouches. So now you’ll see it there.

      Thanks again.

  13. Great site! How does Solid Gold dry cat food fare? Thanks for the informative site.

    1. Thank you πŸ™‚

      I see Solid Gold has added a number of new products (thank you for this note).

      The Solid Gold ratings page has been updated accordingly. Solid Gold is no longer a part of the top rated cat food page.

  14. I am wondering where the Applaws dry trout and salmon and the newer brand nulo lies in the reviews?

    1. Hello,
      Thanks for your suggestions.

      Applaws reviews can now be found here:

      Applaws Cat Food Reviews

      The Nulo Cat Food Reviews page has been updated with the newer dry foods.

      Thanks again πŸ™‚

  15. Do you take recalls into consideration when making this list?

    1. Hello, thank you for your question.

      To a certain extent, yes past recalls and controversy are taken into consideration as well as the perceived company goals ie. A small independently owned pet food company vs. a large corporation that expands into many different categories of products. However, the ingredients used (as far as commercial cat food goes) is the main consideration when making the list.

  16. My cat loves Merrick. I am glad I found this site. I have been looking for a site with cat food reviews. Have you reviewed, or will in the future, review Purina Muse, Applaws, and Purina Fancy Feast Purely?

    1. Thank you for the kind comment, I appreciate that immensely.

      I am always looking to add and improve on this site. I will certainly add all those lines to the list and will inform you when they are up.

      Thanks again πŸ™‚

  17. Any reviews for Tiki Cat Born Carnivore dry foods?


    1. Hello and thank you for your suggestion,

      Tiki Cat Born Carnivore reviews can now be found here:

      under ‘Dry Food’

      Thanks again πŸ™‚

  18. Have you reviewed Back country moist food or the Fussie Cat can foods?

    1. Hello, thanks for your suggestions. Sincerest apologies for not getting these online sooner.

      Fussie Cat food reviews can be found here:

      Merrick Backcountry reviews can be found on this page, just click on the Backcountry formula you wish to see:

      Thanks again πŸ™‚

  19. How recent are the Merrick reviews? Has anything about the recipe changed since they were bought by Purina?

    1. Admittingly, the Merrick reviews need an overhaul, they are not up-to-date however that will be fixed within the week πŸ™‚ Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

      1. Just a quick update, the Merrick reviews should be up to date at this point πŸ™‚

  20. Can you please review Young Again ZERO MATURE Health? I’ve been trying it with my cats for a couple weeks, and they seem to love it, but curious how it rates.

    1. Absolutely I can, and I did (sorry for the delay) πŸ™‚

      Young Again reviews can be found here:

  21. Hello,

    I am looking for some healthy cat treats, there are so many of them on the market, I have two picky Egyptian
    Maus, and right now I have them Greenies, but I think they might be allergic to them though, it makes their
    Skin itch. I am not sure, I think that they are allergic to chicken and fish and maybe beef, so now I have them on
    Rabbit, and lamb. I have them on natures variety and merricks and some of the wellness, to give a variety, they get real bored with this food.
    If and can suggest a healthy that has a lot of protein for our babies, they do love the greenies, but I am trying to wean them off of them. Thanks .

  22. I don’t see a review on Merricks LID chicken formula. What about that one?

    1. I’m sorry I didn’t state that I’m looking at dry not wet. I see you guys did review the wet

      1. Thank you for your suggestion, I don’t know how that was missed!

        Here is the link for Merrick’s LID Chicken Dry formula

  23. Have you reviewed PureBalance dry cat food?

    1. As of right now, Pure Balance is not reviewed. It is a store brand exclusive, just like Authority pet food, etc. One day in the future, perhaps store exclusive cat food will be reviewed on this site, but right now it is not.

      Thanks for your question πŸ™‚

  24. Have you reviewed Purina Beyond Grain Free White Meat Chicken (or Whitefish variety too) and Egg dry cat food? I normally don’t even consider Purina, but the ingredients seem similar to high quality/rated foods. Would be interested in opinions here. Thanks.

    1. Hello, thanks for your suggestion πŸ™‚

      Purina Beyond cat foods reviews are now available here, the ones you pointed out in particular and others as well:

      Thanks again πŸ™‚

  25. What about the class action for Blue Buffalo cat foods? The fact that they had deceptive advertising and lied about what was in their food should be a reason to avoid them, don’t you agree?

    1. have your reviewed Instinct cat food?

      1. If you are referring to Nature’s Variety Instinct it can be found here:

        Thanks πŸ™‚

  26. Jaime,

    What is your opinion on Earthborn Holistic? I’ve tried it and the cats seem to like it but I really would like to know how healthy it is for them. Thanks!!

    1. Hello and thank you for your suggestion. πŸ™‚

      Earthborn Holistic can now be found here:

      1. Thank you.i was looking for Earthborn too.
        Btw, i just changed my furkids diet to brit care. Some commented negatively.
        Do u have any review on that?

  27. I noticed Go! Daily Defence wet food is included in your review but not the dry food. Will you be reviewing the dry?

    1. The dry food can be found here: under the ‘Dry Food’ heading. Petcurean makes 4 varieties of the Go! line in dry.

      Specifically, the Go! Daily Defence dry food is found at this exact link:

      Thank you πŸ™‚

  28. Have you reviewed wysong foods, and the nutro line dry cat foods,I need help finding a dry kibble for my cat that has no corn,peas or fish in it,he has always been fed a chicken flavored food,so don’t think he like a lamb or rabbit,any help be appreciated,he was allergy tested and the corn,peas,fish meal were positive, thanks..

    1. Hello, thank you for your comment.

      Wysong has not been reviewed however I can certainly add it. I’ll follow up with a link when it is ready to go.

      Nutro can be found here:
      Max Cat can be found here (it is a line of Nutros):

      As for some dry food suggestions that contain no corn, peas, or fish and is chicken flavored, here’s some suggestions:

      Merrick – Before Grain Chicken. The thing is Merrick stopped making this line of cat food, which is unfortunate. You do have the option of purchasing it online though, if you so wish. A site like has it available still:

      Nature’s Variety – Instinct Ultimate Protein Chicken Formula. The main meat source is chicken, and it also is free from corn, peas, or anything fish flavored.

      Ziwipeak. Their line of air-dried cat food is free from corn and peas however the drawback is that there is no chicken based option here. It also contains mussel, while mussel is not a fish it is seafood. So if your cat is allergic to all types of seafood, then mussel is out.

      Other than those options, it is quite difficult to acquire commercial dry cat food that is free from both corn and peas. It is either one or the other unfortunately, that’s why my suggestions are so limited. I hope I helped, even if it was just a little bit πŸ™‚

  29. Thank you for all the invaluable info you provide. I just learned that Innova has stopped producing its Evo venison and beef canned cat foods due to low sales. Evo is now available only in two varieties: chicken & turkey, and duck.

    1. Thank you for this helpful comment. It is valued greatly. I have updated the list indicating that these flavors are no longer available.

      Thanks again!

  30. Good Morning! Thank you for creating a very informative website. So appreciated! Will you be rating the new Merrick Limited Ingredient wet cat food line? I believe it has replaced their Before Grain line. Thank you again! :0)

    1. Hello – Thank you for the nice comment πŸ™‚ It is always appreciated.

      Ah yes, it looks like this new Limited Ingredient has replaced BG. Looks like I have a little updating to do in this regard. Stay tuned – it should be up within a day or two. I will post the link here when it is up. Thanks for the notification.

      1. To follow up on this post the reviews for the new Merrick Limited Ingredient line can be found here:

        They have also made this page, so the links are found above too.

  31. Just to follow up on this post, Hound & Gatos reviews can now be found here:

  32. Hello! Just wondering if you have reviewed the hounds and gatos cat food line?

    1. Hello – Thank you for your comment.

      I have not however I am in the process of adding more brands to the review list. I can certainly add Hound and Gatos to the list. Check back within a week to see new brands added to the review list, including Hound and Gatos.

      Thank you.

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