Whats New?

I haven’t been updating this site regularly for a while now. All of 2019 I haven’t been keeping up with it and I regret this. Google has punished me.
I will be updating more regularly in 2020.
I run this website by myself and I have zero desire to make a lot money off of it.
I just want to give you my honest opinions of cat food reviews and how I rank them.
I see more and more cat food review sites have popped up since I started in 2012. That’s great, but they are just so full of Amazon affiliate links that you can tell all they care about is getting your money. “Check the price” here and “Get 10% off” there.
I try to keep it real.

This site is for educational purposes and to help you decide for yourself what the best brand would be for your cat(s). This site is just general nutritional information and should be treated as such. This site should not be taken as medical and/or nutritional advice, diagnosis, or treatment. If you have any questions regarding your cat(s), consulting a veterinarian is your best option.