How Can I Make A Stray Cat Trust Me?

  1. Choose foods that have a strong scent. The greater the ease with which the cat can discover food, the better. Cats have an extremely keen sense of smell.
  2. Food should be placed outside in places where the stray has been spotted. The importance of consistency cannot be overstated.
  3. After a few days, go outdoors and wait for the cat to come to you for food. It might take up to a week for the cat to gain your trust and come up to you.
  4. Unless the cat establishes physical contact with you by rubbing against your legs or nuzzling you, do not pet or interact with the cat physically during this period.

The quickest way to a stray cat’s heart is through her stomach, according to research. The best course of action for stray cats is to feed them and give them with plenty of fresh water as soon as possible. Once the cat discovers that you are a source of food, she will come to you on a daily basis. Even for some really sociable cats, this is sufficient to earn their confidence.

How can I get my Cat to trust me again?

The creator of Animal Acupuncture, Rachel Barrack, DVM, recommends that earning your cat’s trust takes time and effort. ″Being persistent will help you strengthen your friendship with your cat,″ she says. ″Maintain a consistent schedule so that people know they can rely on you.″

How do you gain a stray cat’s trust?

The most effective method of gaining a cat’s confidence is to provide them with food. They claim that if you feed a stray, it will remain, but this is only true if the stray is hungry, and you are providing it with what it requires at this point. The maintenance of cats is mostly dependent on people, and even stray cats require food, water, and shelter. To begin, prepare a bowl of dry food.

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