What Can Happen When A Cat Swallows Styrofoam?

Because it adheres to the walls of the gut, Styrofoam poses a threat to the health of your cat’s digestive system. This substance is more likely to produce an obstruction in the digestive tract of your cat than other things that it may consume. It is typical for a cat to throw up or have diarrhea when there is some sort of gastrointestinal obstruction present.

Risks involved with a cat consuming Styrofoam The most serious consequence that can result from your cat consuming Styrofoam is the formation of a blockage in either the stomach or the intestines. Your cat may exhibit symptoms such as vomiting and diarrhea if it has a partial blockage, whereas a full blockage is considered a surgical emergency and requires immediate attention.

What happens if a cat eats styrofoam?

On the other hand, your cat may suffer from constipation if the styrofoam led to a full obstruction of the intestines. In addition to weakness, other symptoms may include a loss of appetite and stomach discomfort. Regrettably, a blockage in the intestines can sometimes cause a condition that is far more dangerous.

What happens if a cat swallows a thread?

If the thread was attached to a needle, the needle could pierce the stomach or intestines, preventing the thread from passing through the intestines. If the thread was not attached to a needle, it could become wrapped around the base of the tongue or become anchored in the stomach as the cat swallows it. This will cause the area to be pulled against each time the cat swallows.

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What happens if a cat swallows a foreign object?

Even while the majority of foreign bodies do go through the digestive tract without causing any problems, the only way to cure an obstruction that has developed is to remove the object that is causing the blockage using surgical means. If the cat were to swallow thread, then they would be at risk for yet another possibly fatal disease.

What are those little pieces of styrofoam floating in the air?

An inventive cat could try to catch prey out of the tiny bits of Styrofoam that float around in the air. These bits of Styrofoam are often the little spheres or peanut-shaped pieces that are used as packaging material.

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