What Cat Breeds Can Live In An Apartment?

The British shorthair is a very adaptable breed of cat that does well in urban environments such as apartments. These calm and mellow felines are often more interested in lazing around their homes than tearing it up. However, they are prone to bouts of hyperactivity and like games of interactive play that put both their minds and bodies to the test.

What kind of cat is best for an apartment?

Although there are numerous breeds of cats that are suitable to live in apartments, the cat you choose will need to have the following temperament and personality traits: Keep a low profile and avoid making too much noise (unless you want to drive your neighbors crazy!). Fortunately, there are a number of dog breeds that appear to be particularly suited to life in an apartment.

Are American Shorthair cats good for apartments?

Because American shorthairs get along well with other animals, they are an excellent choice for apartment dwellers who already have a pet of their own and are looking for a cat that won’t fight with other cats in the confined space of their flat. Because of their thick, dense, short-haired coat, they rarely shed, which makes them an exceptionally low-maintenance breed.

What is the quietest cat to have at home?

Because Persian cats are known for being the calmest and most mellow of all the kinds of cats, it’s likely that your Persian won’t mind hanging around in the apartment while you’re at work. However, despite his laid-back demeanor, you should not assume that he is a low-maintenance cat due of his long hair; it will require frequent care.

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