Where Can I Make Donations For Dog And Cat Food Hurricane Michael?

Petcurean provides a donation of 2,000 pounds of pet food to local animal shelters that are in need of it.

What can you donate to a pet shelter?

This results in a significant increase in the amount of work that must be completed by shelter staff and volunteers, but you may contribute in some way by making financial contributions to the facility in your area.Here are some things that you might contribute, whether you have a soft spot in your heart for furry friends or you just want to have a constructive influence on the people in your neighborhood.1.

  • pre-owned supplies for animals

Can I donate things for my dog or cat?

Because there are so many things that our dogs and cats might benefit from, we are constantly looking for donations of new or used goods that they could utilize.There are also a variety of things that you can produce for our animals if you’re in the mood for some creative expression.Please keep in mind that there are some things that we are unable to make use of; thus, before submitting your gift, please verify the lists that are provided below.

Why donate pet food to animal rescue groups?

In addition, the funds that are saved by participating rescue organizations and shelters as a result of this ground-breaking program for the donation of pet food helps cover the cost of essential veterinary care as well as other necessities that are required to save the lives of Australia’s homeless pets. You have the ability to assist thousands of stray animals each year.

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What can I donate to the animal welfare centre?

If you would like to make a donation of any of these things, please send them to the address shown below or bring them in person to one of our three locations.Dog or cat food – in order to ensure that all of our residents maintain a healthy weight and lifestyle, we provide them with a consistent diet of quality food on a daily basis.Items that are dirty or filthy, as it is expensive for us to clean them so that our animals can use them.

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