FAQ: What Kind Of Food To Give A Cat With Mega Colon?

What do you feed a cat with megacolon?

Recently, Royal Canin launched Feline Gastrointestinal Fiber Response diet, a moderate fiber, psyllium-enriched, extruded dry feline diet that has been clinically proven to help cats with constipation/ obstipation/ megacolon.

What do you do if your cat has megacolon?

Subtotal colectomy, the removal of the majority of the colon, is considered the treatment of choice for the surgical management of megacolon that is not responsive to dietary and medical management. This is major surgery, but the overwhelming majority of cats respond quite favorably.

How Long Can cats live with Megacolon?

Unfortunately, if the megacolon has been present for greater than four to six months, dilation and loss of function may be irreversible. The colon is not able to return to normal function after this extended period of time.

How often do cats with megacolon poop?

Usually, affected cats pass a large amount of dry and hard stool one to three times per week.

Does wet cat food help with constipation?

Cats aren’t very good at drinking standing water, so the best way to increase their water consumption and keep them well-hydrated is by feeding them wet food. This dramatically increases their water intake and significantly reduces their risk of constipation.

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How can I stimulate my cat to have a bowel movement?

Try adding pumpkin or natural bran cereal to our cats food. Fiber supplements increase fiber in the diet as well. Some cats will need to try a laxative such as Miralax or Lactulose, to stay “regular.” You may need to consult with your veterinarian prior to starting a laxative.

Why does my cat have huge poop?

As a general rule of thumb, cats will poop once, maybe twice a day. If your cat is pooping a lot more than that or missing a couple of days in a row, it’s not a bad idea to talk to your veterinarian. This may be your cat’s normal routine, but then again, it could indicate something’s up with your cat.

What human laxatives are safe for cats?

Recently PEG containing laxatives (Miralax) have been recommended for use in cats. In humans PEG laxatives have been shown to be safe and effective with few adverse side effects.

Can megacolon in cats be fatal?

So please remember: Megacolon does not have to be a horrible, chronic, debilitating nightmare. It can be a curable disease with early surgical intervention. Cats should never receive an enema during the preop period.

What are the symptoms of megacolon in cats?

Megacolon is often diagnosed by clinical signs which can include straining to defecate, weight loss, lethargy, vomiting, and anorexia (lack of appetite). On physical examination, the cat may have a painful abdomen, as well as be dehydrated and depressed.

What can I give my elderly cat for constipation?

If constipation is mild, veterinarians may supplement a cat’s diet with fiber, such as canned pumpkin, bran, or psyllium. Other medications, such as stool softeners, laxatives, and motility modifiers, may help, as well.

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