Question: Where Do I Find Cat Food In Chrono Trigger?

How much cat food do you need in Chrono Trigger?

First, amounts of cat food won: You win 2 oz for the 10 point game, 10 oz ( I ‘m pretty sure) for the 40 point game, and 24 oz for the 80 point game.

How many cats can you get in Chrono Trigger?

You can get up to a max of 11 cats (6 downstairs and 5 in Crono’s room). You will need around 60 ounces of cat food to get a new cat ( you can see how much you have in the barrel in Crono’s room).

How do I get more cats in Chrono Trigger?

After you win that game once you can go back and play any of the games you’ve beaten already and he’ll give you varying amounts of cat food. Once you collect enough cat food, another cat will appear. You can check how much you have by looking inside the bin in Crono’s room. You can have as many as 11 cats at one time.

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How do you get the cat to follow you in Chrono Trigger?

First, there is a cat in the area to the left of Leene’s Bell. Talk to it once, then have it follow you to the area right of Leene’s Bell, and talk to the girl there to return her cat. This will have good consequences later.

Can you be found not guilty in Chrono Trigger?

When you get to trial, the jury’s really got it in for you, too; you can be found not guilty, but you ‘re still going to end up with a guillotine date.

How do you get silver points in Chrono Trigger?

Silver Points are a special currency used at the Millennial Fair in 1000 AD. They are won in various mini-games at the fair and can be spent on special items and events. You can earn them from the drinking contest, ringing the bell, betting a race, and fighting Gato.

How do you save in Chrono Trigger?

Select the ” Save ” icon, the last icon on the horizontal bar, and press “A” on your controller. The icon is a picture of a pen and paper. Select a save slot from the three available slots and press “A” to save your game. The game will save automatically.

Where is Cronos house in Chrono Trigger?

Crono’s House is a location in Chrono Trigger. Existing in the Present, this little house in Truce is where Crono, and his mother live. The house shows a kitchen, a dining room, a living room, and a Bedroom for Crono only. No bedroom is shown for Crono’s Mother.

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Crono’s House
Notable Inhabitants Crono Crono’s Mother Cat

How do you get a chrono doll?

Note you CAN get the doll as soon as the game starts ie Crono at LV 1 or just talk to Gaspar at the end of time towards the end of the game only then will the 40 silver point game be worth a clone if you play it.

How do you get death peak in Chrono Trigger?

Simply walk, not run, behind the tree, and you’ll be fine. By “Walk”, I mean, move around while walking, you won’t move too far if you’re careful.

What do you do at the fair in Chrono Trigger?

Mini-Games & Prizes

  1. Bell Ringing. The traditional strength test.
  2. Drinking Game. Drink more than the burly man (8 mugs before time runs out) to win 5 Silver Points.
  3. Fight with Gato. Fight Lucca’s robotic creation.
  4. Race around the fountain. The four racers run around the track on the first tier.
  5. Money tent.

What do you do at the beginning of Chrono Trigger?

User Info: LucIfiaR

  1. Talk to mom for extra money.
  2. Don’t visit festival yet, visit every house and take treasures.
  3. Talk to everyone, in beginner house second floor, talk to old man twice for extra money.
  4. You’ll have 1000G if you act like Chicken, you’ll get 10G more.

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