Readers ask: Honest Kitchen Cat Food How Many Cups Per Box?

How many cups of food are in a honest kitchen?

Answer: According to the box, they recommend splitting the daily food into two servings, or 2-4 cups DRY per day with 3-6 cups of water. According to the box, this means one 10 lb box will last 10-20 days. My dog is around 60 pounds and also active (5 years old) and should get a little more than your dog.

How many cups are in honest kitchen dehydrated food?

A 10 lb size holds about 40 dry cups and makes about 40 lbs of fresh food. After re-hydration, a process that takes just five minutes, these foods should be consumed right away. Any left over food should be treated like fresh food, and refrigerated or discarded.

How long does a bag of honest kitchen last?

Our foods have a shelf life of twelve to twenty four months, depending on the product, the ambient temperature and humidity where you live. The date of manufacture is printed on the top of every box in a specially designed ‘tear out and keep’ card.

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Is honest kitchen worth?

So, judging by its ingredients alone, the Honest Kitchen Dog Food appears to be a superior product. The dashboard displays a dry matter protein reading of 28%, a fat level of 17% and estimated carbohydrates of about 47%. Near-average fat. And above-average carbs when compared to a typical dry dog food.

Can you mix honest kitchen with kibble?

The Honest Kitchen dehydrated recipes are easy to serve as a stand-alone meal or as a tasty topper. Simply add warm water to rehydrate the nutritious ingredients and serve as a fresh, tasty meal. You can mix it with your pet’s favorite kibble to add whole food nutrition to their bowl.

Is dehydrated dog food expensive?

Dehydrated dog food is usually less expensive than freeze- dried dog food. However, both are more expensive than kibble. Even for freeze- dried dog food, the taste is not always natural.

Does Honest Kitchen have taurine?

The Honest Kitchen foods include taurine as part of their nutritional guaranteed analysis, based on natural taurine from the meat sources as well as an added human grade taurine supplement.

Is Honest Kitchen grain free?

GRAIN FREE, CAGE FREE TURKEY: The Honest Kitchen Grain Free Turkey dog food is made with real whole food ingredients like cage free turkey, spinach & coconuts, which are gently dehydrated for maximum nutrient retention and easy digestion.

What are the benefits of human grade pet food?

Human – grade food made with high quality ingredients help build strong immunity and increased vitality. Even senior dogs show an improved range of motion and increased playfulness after switching to a fresh, human – grade diet.

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Can cats eat Honest Kitchen dog food?

Cats are obligate carnivores and really do need for the vast majority of their diet to be made up of meat. So using an Honest Kitchen diet as the base with a small amount of extra meat for your dog and a larger amount of added meat for the cats, should work.

Do you have to add water to Honest Kitchen dog food?

Feed Honest Kitchen food by itself as a complete meal (except for our Base Mixes, which you mix with meat). Just add water and it’s ready to go! Use as a base for your own home-prepared ingredients.

Is Honest Kitchen Safe?

Honest Kitchen Dog Food Ingredients All ingredients are processed in the USA in a human grade food processing facility. They are non-genetically modified and free of any chemicals & preservatives. All meat is hormone and antibiotic free.

Does Honest Kitchen Source from China?

We do not source any ingredients from China, and that includes the components of our vitamin-mineral premix.

Is Honest Kitchen human grade?

At The Honest Kitchen, we’ve been pioneering Human Grade pet food since 2002. We’ve fought hard to be recognized at the first ever truly and honestly Human Grade pet food company in the USA and we’re incredibly proud of our FDA approval to label our products Human Grade.

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