What To Feed Possums So They Leave The Cat Food Alone?

Is cat food OK for possums?

The possum diet A little known fact about a possum’s diet is their need for high amounts of calcium. Due to this fact, possums readily eat the skeletal remains of rodents and other roadkill animals. Unfortunately, possums are also known to eat dog food, cat food and table scraps.

What is the best food to feed possums?

The best way to ensure your Opossum is getting the proper nutrients is to feed them a quality pellet diet like Insectivore-Fare, supplemented with lots of fresh vegetables and occasionally meat, eggs, insects, or plain low-fat yogurt as an added protein source.

How do you keep raccoons and possums out of cat food?

How to Keep Raccoons Out of Cat Food: 7 Effective Tips

  1. Only leave cat food out during the day.
  2. Place the food on an elevated platform.
  3. Feed your cat indoors.
  4. Use a raccoon -proof feeder.
  5. Fence your property.
  6. Remove other food sources.
  7. Speak to a professional.
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What do you feed a captive possum?

Offer captive opossums a balanced diet consisting of small amounts of a formulated diet (omnivore diet or low fat/low calorie cat food ) supplemented with vegetables, small amounts of fruit (10-20% of the diet ), and occasional (once or twice weekly) protein sources.

What do possums hate?

Natural possum deterrents affect differently their senses, and the most effective ones repel because of their smell, taste or both. Sometimes, but less often, they work because of how they feel (food texture). Possums hate the taste of:

  • Molasses.
  • Garlic.
  • Onion.
  • Hot peppers.
  • Hot sauce.
  • Mustard.
  • Quassia chips.
  • Black tea.

What can you not feed a possum?

cooked chicken liver, cooked tofu, or 1-2 calcium gut-loaded crickets or other dusted adult insects, like mealworms (i.e. 1 king mealworm or 3-4 mealworms) or several earthworms offered 3-4 times weekly. Lactose-based sugars, like milk, are poorly tolerated by opossums and should be avoided.

What human food can opossums eat?

These assorted diets may be based on canned cat or dog food, chicken or other meats, eggs, kitten chow, dog chow, and/or include excessive amounts of applesauce, human baby cereals and foods, etc.

Can possums eat carrots?

Their omnivorous diet includes insects, small rodents, frogs, birds, and berries. In residential neighborhoods, opossums forage for vegetables, fruits, garbage, bird seed, and pet food. Fresh meat and roadkill are also dietary staples.

Should you get rid of possums?

Opossums may carry ticks, mites, lice, and fleas. Killing these creatures should always be a last resort with the focus on humanely trapping them and releasing them back into the wild.

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Does Irish Spring soap keep raccoons away?

Raccoons use their superb sense of smell to forage for food, and some scents are really effective at keeping them away. The ingredients in Irish Spring soap are generally effective in keeping raccoons and other small mammals out of your yard.

Is cat food or dog food better for raccoons?

Cat food is for cats. Dog food is for dogs. Neither of these necessarily provide appropriate nutrition for a raccoon, because dietary needs are different for each species. That being said, eating small amounts of pet food periodically likely doesn’t do any harm to the raccoons.

Do raccoons eat cats?

Raccoons sometimes get into scraps with cats and they may occasionally prey on small animals housed outside, such as chickens and rabbits. When no other food is available, raccoons might even prey upon kittens and small cats, but other times, they can be seen eating side-by-side when cats are fed outdoors.

How do possums show affection?

“They do something we call ‘sliming,’ which is where they’ll lick your skin and rub their head against you. It’s a sign of affection, but it’s an experience when, in the middle of the night, you’re awakened by a big opossum licking your face.” “They’ll really eat anything,” said Betty Hart of the Opossum Society.

Can possums eat meat?

They are nocturnal omnivores and eat fruits, nuts, green plants, insects, snails, snakes, frogs, birds, and their eggs, as well as small mammals such as meadow voles, mice, and rats. The opossum will eat fresh meat or carrion and is often seen feeding on road kill.

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Do opossums carry rabies?

Rabies. In fact, rabies is extremely rare in opossums, perhaps because they have a much lower body temperature compared to other warm-blooded animals.

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