Meet The Cats

Meet The Cats

Meet the cats that were the inspiration for this site.

Meet Shifty – RIP

Name: Shifty Jay
Born: September 2001
Died: November 2018
Named After: N/A
Favorite Food: Canned cat food
Favourite Hobby: Sleeping

Shifty is a friendly cat that loves people. He loves to greet visitors when they come to his house. Shifty is unique in the sense that he loves dogs. As Shifty is getting older, sleeping is most prominent yet he still has the energy and foolishness to act like a kitten from time to time.

Meet Stewie – RIP

Name: Stewie
Born: April 2003
Died: July 2017
Named After: Stewie, the baby, from the TV show Family Guy
Favorite Food: Chicken
Favorite Hobby: Grooming

Stewie is not big on people and often gives evil looks to someone new. When he is affectionate towards people, it is on his terms. When he senses someone is sick, he will stay by their side until they are better. Stewie is a hunter and, while being an indoor cat, has caught a mouse.

Meet Izzy

Name: Izzy
Born: February 2004
Named After: N/A
Favorite Food: Dry cat food
Favourite Hobby: Lying Low

Izzy is very cautious and avoids people. He is the typical ‘scaredy-cat.’ Often times, he is only seen when he is hungry. He usually hangs out in the basement. He loves Shifty very much and is a very affectionate cat towards the people/cats he really knows.

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